BSNL Data Card

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About BSNL

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. was incorporated on the year 2000 to provide the telecom services across the length and breadth of India including both urban and rural areas.

The achievements of BSNL are:

• Ranked 7th in the telecommunications industry worldwide.
• Provides wide range of telecom services like Wireline, GSM Mobile, CDMA mobile, Internet, Broadband, MPLS-VPN, Carrier service, VoIP services, VSAT, IN Services etc.
•  A customer base of many million satisfied users.
• Turnover of the company has crossed US $ 8 billion mark.
• An infrastructure worth US $ 14.37 billion.

BSNL Broadband services :

BSNL has developed a world class broadband network services to serve its customers. The highlights of the broadband services are:

• Developed using the National Internet Backbone-II (NIB-II)
• Provides convergent services to its customers
• Uses DSL technology so that fixed line customers can use the broadband service seamlessly over their telephone networks

BSNL Data card for 3G service :

To avail the BSNL 3G service over mobile, customers can buy bsnl data card enabled 3G services or can use the existing bsnl data card that are 2G enabled. The important points that customers should note while subscribing to BSNL 3G services are:

• The 3G enabled BSNL data card cost is Rs. 59/-.
• In case a user already has a bsnl data card enabled for 2G and he want to migrate to 3G, he need not buy 3G enabled bsnl data card as he can use his existing bsnl data card for accessing 3G. This saves the customer from the additional BSNL data card cost.
• In case a user finds a newly 3G enabled bsnl data card damaged, the damaged one will be replaced and user not be levied with  BSNL data card cost of the new data card.
• In case, the damage has been done due to the negligence of the customer, user will be charged Rs. 59/- as the BSNL data card cost for a new data card.
• In case a user has paid BSNL data card cost for a new 3G enabled set, he will get a free data usage for about 6 months, with 1 GB day, and 5 GB night usage.

How to Submit BSNL data card application form

The users can get the bsnl data card application form from BSNL offices. The bsnl data card application form are also available in the distribution centers. User need to fill the whole form putting in the required details of the type of 3G service he want to avail. Once the bsnl data card application form has been filled it can be submitted at the BSNL offices or any of the distribution centers. It usually takes at least a week’s time to process applicant’s bsnl data card application form.