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BSNL was the pioneer in introducing Broadband internet access to computers in all settings whether it is home or commercial establishment. This came to the public in Post paid and Prepaid services.

When the 3G Spectrum started entering the Scenario with scope for people to access virtual reality through laptops, Bsnl 3G Data card was introduced.

BSNL 3G Data Card

3G Data cards are intended for accessing internet from any location through one’s mobile phone or laptop to have a look at one’s emails at any point of time.  Apart from its portability its speed is amazing for a moving busy person not only to access one’s mails, but also to collect information from various websites, besides having conference call with one’s colleagues in business. The BSNL 3G data cards provide data transfer upto a speed of 3.6 Mbps, which is really very fast for even downloading a movie while on travel.

BSNL 3G Data cards can be used with the desk top computers at home too, by fixing it to an USB port, eliminating messy wires connecting the basic telephone line with the Computer through a router or modem. Likewise, the need for one to go to a cyber café for internet access when one is out of home or out of station, is no longer there when one is equipped with a BSNL 3G data card with one’s laptop.
There are primarily two types of BSNL 3G Data Card, namely

  • USB Type
  • Express/PCMCIA Card type

Both these types have variety of options with different technical specifications, offering speedy data transfer.

How to Use BSNL 3G Data Card

It is as simple as that of plugging the BSNL 3G data card in one of the USB ports available with one’s laptop. Normally laptops will be provided with at least 3 USB ports two on one side and one on the other side of the keyboard part. To avoid disturbances to data card or to the laptop  while working, it is better to have a small connecting chord. When one does like that the Data card will be loose enough  not to damage the port plug when it accidentally rests on another object while working on the keyboard.
However, if the Laptop is having only a PC Card slot, also known as PCMCIA Slot, one can always use a PCMCIA to Express Card Converter.

For using BSNL 3G Data Card one requires a 3G Data Card, Network SIM Card and the Software for using 3G Data. An user guide will always be provided by BSNL for helping the user for knowing about the usage.

BSNL 3G Data Card Tariff

Presently BSNL has different tariff rates for Post Paid and Prepaid cards, which will be different for different usage types and regions depending upon the traffic and the business requirements of the Internet Service Providers.

Post Paid tariff is presently fixed from Rs 90 to Rs 2500 with bundled offer for 300 mb to 30000 mb, and charges per MB as little as 0.01 per 10 kb and 0.25 per MB , while in Prepaid section the Start up Kit (SUK) is charged Rs 100 for 1 GB valid for 3 days, recharging thereupon according to requirements.